Reverse Mortgage Testimonials in Fresno & San Luis Obispo County


"My husband and I had talked to a couple of reverse mortgage people before Katie Austin. We found her to be very business-like, but also a kind, thoughtful, personable and a sincere young lady. She showed us all our options and then let us make up our own minds with no pressure put upon us.  My husband has since passed away and thanks to Katie I am secure in my own home without finance worries. I would strongly advise anyone to have Katie Austin for their reverse mortgage specialist. You may call her at anytime and she is there for you. She is the best!"   June Cardinale, Paso Robles, CA


“I couldn't be more pleased with Katie Austin's service, or recommend her more highly. I'd give her a SIX star rating out of five for her professional, efficient, and friendly help, and for her patience through the entire Reverse Mortgage application process.  Her years of experience surely helped inform the questions I had, and her advice was always extremely valuable.  Katie has been a real angel for me and my family, and I am so grateful to have been referred to her.  I never felt like her 'client', but more like a friend, whom she sincerely cared about.  I so appreciate people like Katie, who are upbeat, cheerful, and kind, and it’s been a real blessing working with her.  THANK YOU, KATIE!!” Marty A., South Gate, CA


"After losing much of our retirement in the recent credit crisis, a reverse mortgage seemed a necessity. We called our banker who said "If you want the most honest and efficient person to help you with your reverse mortgage, call Katie Austin".  We did and what a joy! Katie was knowledgeable and patient in describing a new and complex concept to us. As we progressed, she was available to clarify or re-explain facets as they occurred to us over time. Our reverse mortgage is now complete and working as we expected and there have been no surprises, thanks to Katie's help.”  J & W R, Atascadero, CA

"She was the person we could Trust"

“After months of worry and many sleepless nights, we finally came to realization that doing a reverse mortgage would be the only way that we could stay in our home. Had I known how easy it was going to be, we would have acted a lot sooner. But the reason why it went so smoothly without any glitches was due to Katie Austin’s professionalism in handling our reverse mortgage. Upon meeting Katie we knew immediately that she was the person we could trust to guide us through this process. She is an expert in her field and she goes above and beyond for her clients by always making herself available to you. Everything was done right from our home. She is always on time for her appointments and when it came time to sign the final documents she brought a notary with her. Everything was clearly explained as we signed the papers and every question was answered to our satisfaction. At last we are able to relax and enjoy our home with our children and grandchildren, knowing that we can stay for as long as we choose.” Ralph and Judy, San Luis Obispo, CA


“My wife and I were very pleased with the help that Katie provided to us during the reverse mortgage process. Katie answered all of our questions in a timely manner, usually on the spot, and was thorough in her work. She made sure we understood the process and always had a professional and friendly attitude."
Richard and Susan Masin, Cambria, CA


“The Wonderful Katie Austin. My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Katie Austin on our reverse mortgage. She made what we thought was going to be a complicated process a very simple operation and totally worry free. If you want an expert, call Katie Austin.”  Mac and Marian McLaughlin, Santa Ynez, CA


"Our home was paid for but we wanted a monthly draw to pay our housing expenses and we each could keep our social security to do with as we personally wished. I did a lot of research and took advise from friends that have done a reverse mortgage and decided Katie Austin was the best suited for us to handle our account. Our main reason for a reverse mortgage was to obtain a monthly income so we could maintain our lifestyle that we had been accustomed to. We also found that we saved over $7,000 per year in taxes since we no longer had to take a monthly draw from our investments, which when you do is considered income and you are taxed as such. A reverse mortgage is tax free! Katie was very helpful and walked us through all the paper work in the comfort of our home. We would recommend Katie Austin in a heartbeat. If you are considering a reverse mortgage, do yourself a favor and let Katie help you!"   Bill and Betty Maccagno, Arroyo Grande, CA


“The credit cards were getting used more than I wanted. The bills were just barely getting paid and then I would get a bill I wasn’t expecting.  My mobile home and lot were free and clear of any debts and I didn’t have enough income to qualify for a regular loan.  Then I started hearing of reverse mortgages. They weren’t available to mobile home owners until ladies in Quail Run Senior Estates talked to many people and finally got it approved.  I talked to four agents and decided to go with Katie Austin. She lives in our area and is quite knowledgeable on the subject. There is a choice of payments; lump sum, a line of credit to draw on as you need, monthly payments, or a combination or any of those. None of the loan needs to be paid back until you sell the house or upon death. When the house is sold, the loan amount due at that time is deducted from the rest of the money that goes to your heirs.  Since I have signed the papers, I have paid off my credit cards, arranged for a new roof and fence and plan to have other things done to my home to bring it up to date. If you are having money problems, call Katie! She will be glad to tell you all about a reverse mortgage.” Donna L. Austin, Paso Robles, CA

"Gave us time to make our own decision"

“We had been discussing the possibility of obtaining a reverse mortgage for about two years, hoping the value of our home would increase. We called Katie Austin because of an ad we saw and she made an appointment to come to our home. She explained everything and every option along with some figures and then gave us time to make a decision on our own leaving us with her direct phone number if we had any questions. With a reverse mortgage we were able to pay off $25,000 in credit card debt, which saved us $800 a month, and pay off our current mortgage. We also had a decent amount to put into our savings account.  We might have not ended up with as much cash as we hoped to get, due to current home values, but all things considered, we are very happy that we did a reverse mortgage and very thankful for Katie’s guidance and hard work. We don’t think we could have found a better more qualified person to handle our transaction and explain everything to us.”  D &V, Morro Bay, CA

"Explained things very professionally and clearly"

"After living on the edge for quite awhile, we decided the solution to ease stress and stay in our home was a reverse mortgage. After reading other testimonials regarding Katie Austin, we decided to make an appointment to have her explain the process to us. She has a thorough knowledge of the subject and explained things very professionally and clearly. All our questions were answered and we began the process.  We were surprised how quickly things moved along. No pressure was ever exerted on us in anyway and we found the experience a lot less stressful than we had imagined! We would wholeheartedly recommend Katie to anyone considering a reverse mortgage.”  P & JB Atascadero, CA


“I am pleased to offer my testimonial for Katie B. Austin regarding my recent experience in acquiring a reverse mortgage. It was quite involved, but went very smoothly. I was dubious about a reverse mortgage, but found that was a matter of misconception because of lack of knowledge. Katie made it very comfortable for me, very patient and very thorough. She welcomed questions over and over. Because of the whole process, I feel very secure as long as I remain in my home. I will recommend Katie anytime!”  Joan H. Rexroth, Atascadero, CA

"Made us feel Comfortable"

“We were extremely satisfied with Katie Austin’s efforts in handling our reverse mortgage. She was always available by phone or fax to go over any issues we had during the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage. Throughout the process we felt comfortable that she was working on our behalf.”  Joe and Lisa, Arroyo Grande

Reverse Mortgage Testimonials in San Luis Obispo, Katie B. Austin Reverse Mortgage Consultant in San Luis Obispo, Reverse Mortgage Testimonials in Fresno

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